Air Filter / Medium Filter / One Header

ฟิลเตอร์กรองฝุ่นระดับกลาง : วันเฮดเดอร์
Efficiency : 60 – 65 % – EU 6,
80 – 85 % – EU 7,
90 – 95 % – EU 9

Description :
The filter is an extended surface, high efficiency filter is constructed in rigid format. The filter utilizes a continuous sheet of wet-laid microfiber media that is deep pleat. This media can operate in applications that have 100% humidity. Aluminium corrugated separators are placed between each pleat to stabilize the pack and ensure proper air flow through the filter. Air bypass is eliminated by sealing the media pack at all four sides of the frame. The result is a high integrity filter that delivers high efficiency and consistent performance. The filter is available in 80 – 85% , and 90 – 95% efficiency in both 6″ and 12″ depth. Single or double header versions are also available.
Applications :
The ASHRAE Filter can be used in place of pocket filter when conditions require a rigid filter or wherever high humidity warrants its use. These filters can be used in a variety of commercial and industrial applications including hospitals, high-tech manufacturing and food processing. This filter can also be used in place of other rigid cell filter when high dust holding capacity is desired.