Air Filter / Hepa Filter Module

ฟิลเตอร์กรองฝุ่นระดับสูง : โมดูล
Effeciency : 99.99 %
สำหรับกรองฝุ่นขั้นสูง สำหรับห้องคลีนรูม

Description :
High quality construction in a highly versatile design.
Providing ultra clean air for ducted supply cleanrooms from class 1 to class 1,000,000
Terminal filter modules are designed for standard ceiling grids or gel seal ceiling grid system.
It’s easy and simple to install and maintain those thin and lightweight units.
The module is based on a highly flexible design filter. By selecting among pack depth, media efficiency, airflow control mechanism, and inlet size, the cleanroom designer can configure the unit to meet specific requirements for operating cost and performance.
Applications :
HEPA filter are used in hospitals, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, clean rooms, clean booths, atomic energy research centers, etc.