Air Filter / Hepa Filter – High Efficiency

ฟิลเตอร์กรองฝุ่นระดับสูง : ประสิทธิภาพสูง
Efficiency : 99.99 %
สำหรับกรองฝุ่นขั้นสูง สำหรับห้องคลีนรูม

Description :
The HEPA (High Efficiency) filter is constructed with a 16 GA galvanized or stainless steel or wooden frame with a continuous band of media pleated back and forth over corrugated aluminium separator. These filters contain a two – part polyurethane which assures a positive seal of the media pack and frame. The interlocking frame designed with sealant placed behind the top and bottom flange allows unobstructed airflow and ease of filter handling.
Applications :
The HEPA filters remove a wide range of airborne contamination, including fine dust, smoke, bacteria, soot, pollen and radioactive particles, Used in final filter application including hospitals, nuclear, electronics, pharmaceutical, laboratories, aerospace, food processing and optic. They can also be used for pre-filters for clean room environment and other critical applications for final HEPA/ULPA filters.