Air Filter / Filter Media / Pleated Cardboard

สำหรับกรองฝุ่นพ่นสีน้ำมัน/แลกเกอร์, Epoxy PLEATED CARDBOARD

Feature :
Constituter by the layers of cardboard, prforated and pleater, guied together to create “V’ shaped separation cells. Which shown in the picture before use. The hole position within the cells hold paint particels as in the picture after use.
Application :
1. Metal & Wood Industry
2. Car repair & Accessories
3. Plastic Industry
4. Food and Farming Industry
5. Boat Building etc.

1. Great separation efficiency (98%)
2. Very long lifetime (5-6 time in comparison to fiber filter)
3. Disposable systems
4. Surface clogging dose not appear
5. Environment protection
6. Operatection