Air Filter / Filter Media / Oven Filter

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สำหรับกรองในตู้อบ,ตู้ที่มีอุณหภูมิสูงมากๆ OVEN FILTER

Description :
Type 40,80,200 – Air filter is made of glass fiber 40 to 200 microns in diameter, packed in non-directional layers and treated with resin following a unique process which reduces air resistance. It is accommodated in a galvanised case, which is covered with a metal frill on both sides, enveloped further with a wide mesh cloth on the air inlet and outlets side to protect excess media with air and sprayed throughout with colourless oil. It has been used widely in the treatment of heated dusts and liquid particles such as oven or baking room with high temperature resistance up to 450°C.

1. Outstanding filtering capacity
2. Incombustible, and with high heat resistance up to 450°C. to ensure safety
3. Excellent resistance to chemicals, especially acid.
4. Minimal humidity absorption
5. Economies can be expected with the KR-type Air Filter, even in consumer goods application because washing and immersion in oil are not required.